Cookie Dough

A Delicious Fundraiser That Gives Back to Your School Families

Classic RecipesOur Cookie Dough fundraiser is a quick, easy and tasty school fundraising idea! Our schools tell us that our program is so simple and very profitable! Your school earns 40% profit with no upfront costs.

Fundraising has never been so delicious! Classic Recipes Cookie Dough is available in 11 delectable flavors including peanut butter, snickerdoodle, and M&M’s® Chocolate Chunk just to name a few. Other items like Pumpkin Rolls and Cheddar Cheese Popcorn are also available!

A Cookie Dough Fundraiser That’s No Risk, Only Reward!

Classic Recipes Order FormOur Classic Recipes Fundraiser is an “order-taker” sale so there is no risk.

Your students bring home a colorful brochure and take orders from family and friends. They collect the money and turn it in with their order brochure to the school. Your school only pays for the cookie dough that is ordered! There is no risk to your school and you are not stuck with unsold product.

Take Orders & Payments Online!

With Raisy, the new website powered by Entertainment®, your school can easily take cookie dough orders and payments online! It is quick and easy for sellers to set up their personal fundraising pages and share via email and social media. Supporters simply click to order and pay for their cookie dough online- no need to take orders or collect money in-person! Raisy makes it easy to spread the word about your sale and earn MORE MONEY for your school! Supporters orders are delivered to the school with the main delivery.

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Classic Recipes™ Cookie Dough: Emily’s Home Bakery

Your supporters will love the delicious cookie varieties packed as pre-portioned nuggets or in a convenient reusable tub.

Fundraiser details you’ll want to know:

  1. Tubs come in 11 delicious flavors. Each 2.7 lb. tub makes 48 cookies
  2. Pre-portioned box comes in 10 delicious flavors. Each 2.7 lb. box makes 48 cookies
  3. Only four price points ($15, $16, $17 or $18) makes order tallying easy
  4. NEW! Delicious non-cookie dough items are also available: Caramel Corn Popcorn, Pumpkin Roll, Pepperoni Pizza and more!
  5. A Free Prize Program to motivate your students
  6. Orders arrive student packed – NO SORTING
  7. You choose delivery day
  8. An experienced, full-time Fundraising Representative to assist you every step of the way
  9. Classic Recipes Cookie Dough has zero grams trans fat, so you can feel good about offering these tasty temptations to all of your supporters

Cookie Dough Fundraisers Really Work!

Whether your supporters “scoop and bake” or “place and bake,” with our prepared Classic Recipes Cookie Dough they’ll be able to enjoy oven-fresh, home-baked cookies in just minutes.* Classic Recipesis our most delicious school fundraising idea ever. Our Classic Recipes fundraiser, together with our Entertainment® Coupon Book fundraiser, can make a very profitable combination to help your school raise the funds you need.

We have over 50 years of success offering fundraising products, so why not put our experience to work for you!

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Fundraiser Customers Speak Out…

  • I think the cookie dough sale may have been the easiest fundraiser I have ever done. Americans love cookies and they especially love them when they are so easy to make. The dough sells itself! Katy and her crew also made the process so easy for the school by organizing and sorting all the cookie dough for us. We sold $18,000 of the cookie dough with very little stress on our part. Thanks for a job well done.Galen Gringerich, Principal, Tipp City, OH
    I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much we are looking forward to working with you again on the cookie dough fundraiser. After meeting with you to re-sign for next year, I would like to let you know how much we appreciated getting all of the information. There were no surprise fees for us to absorb (and take off of our bottom line) as we found with other cookie dough companies that we interviewed. That honest and upfront approach, along with the service and the quality of product, sent your company over the top!! We look forward to working with you again!Summerside Elementary, Cincinnati, OH
  • We’ll be doing this fundraiser again; the product quality was great and the customer service was excellent!Lincoln Elementary, Elk River, MN
    Last Spring we ran a Classic Recipes Emily’s Home Bakery™ fundraiser. The cookie dough arrived at the school on the day we were promised and we had zero issues. Seriously, after the delivery was completed, I kept waiting for a phone call about something and didn’t get one!! The kids were thrilled with the prizes and our program walked away with a nice chunk of money!! This year we are interested in running Classic Recipes Emily’s Home Bakery fundraiser before Thanksgiving holiday. Your customer service is unsurpassed.“Robin Robb, Indialantic, FL

*Cookie dough may contain traces of peanuts/nuts.