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The Entertainment® Book:
The Fundraiser that Pays You Back!

With the Entertainment® Book Fundraiser, you raise the money you need, your supporters save on things they do every day and local store owners grow their businesses…WIN! WIN! WIN!

The Entertainment® Book Membership is packed with $1,000s in savings in cities across the U.S. and Canada. Save on fine & casual dining, local attractions, travel, shopping and more!

EXCLUSIVE BONUS for Fundraising: All Books include a FREE Mobile App!

Coupon demand continues to be very high, with 92% of consumers constantly on the lookout for deals*! Keep this in mind when choosing a fundraising product. With the Entertainment® Coupon Book fundraiser, supporters can purchase and support your cause, while gaining a valuable membership that helps them to save money all year round.

*Source: Hawk Incentives, Oct. 2017.

How Does the Entertainment® Membership Work?

Each Membership includes three convenient ways to save money: the Entertainment® Book, Online Coupons, and a Mobile Coupon App.

3 Ways to Save with Entertainment®

The Best Fundraiser

Entertainment Fundraising® has been successfully helping nonprofit groups and schools raise funds for 60 years. An Entertainment® Book Fundraiser is one of the best school and nonprofit fundraisers because it’s quick, easy, high-value and very profitable. The more you sell, the more money you earn for your cause.

Included with the Entertainment® Book Fundraiser are fundraising selling tools and marketing materials to easily promote your sale. Even out-of-town friends and family can help support your fundraiser! They can buy their local book online through your personalized fundraising page, and your fundraiser earns the profit! Entertainment® Book Fundraisers are also quick—most schools and nonprofit groups complete their sale in three weeks.

Entertainment Fundraising® offers truly unique fundraisers featuring awesome products that benefit everyone. Your school or nonprofit group raises funds, families save money, and your local community businesses grow!

Fundraising with No Limits!

Let the Power of Raisy™ Bring Your Fundraiser to Life

What is Raisy™?
Raisy™ is the easy-to-use, custom online fundraising tool powered by Entertainment®. Raisy™ will boost sales for all groups selling Entertainment®.

Friends and family across the U.S. and Canada can support your fundraiser in a few clicks. Supporters purchase online and get FREE shipping.

People Are Talking About Entertainment®

I’m always proud and enthusiastic about selling and representing the Entertainment® Books as one of my major fundraisers. People recognize it immediately and it sells itself because of its value.
Leukemia Society of America
Sterling Heights, MI
We made more money than we dreamed of! The sale is easy and our parents love the value.
Lawson Elementary
Johnston, IA
We sold a valuable service to our families that will help them save money on the things they do every day all year long; Entertainment® Book. As a result, we raised more than double the amount of funds than we originally expected! Combine that with the support we received from the Entertainment® team, and this was an effortless fundraiser.
Whittier Elementary PTA
Seattle, WA
Great campaign! Quick, easy fundraiser for all women’s athletics! We sold books collectively earning high profits for each of our teams!
Spring Woods Girls Soccer Team
Spring Wood, TX
Fundraising is easier when you have a product, like the Entertainment® Book, that families enjoy and want.
Handsworth Secondary School
Vancouver, BC

We're Committed to a Greener Future

Learn more about the steps we’re taking to help save our environment. Plus, use our app to access thousands of ways to save across the U.S. and Canada on your phone!
Entertainment® Products Can Help You Raise the Money You Need!

For 60 years, Entertainment® has been a leader in providing the most recognized and sought-after discount, promotion and coupon products in communities throughout North America.

Entertainment® provides a mutually beneficial solution for consumers looking to spend less on the things they love to do, businesses seeking to increase sales and schools and community groups searching for effective fundraising solutions.

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