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The Entertainment® Book Membership is the quick, easy and proven way to successfully raise the funds you need, and it pays for itself in just one day! Watch the Day of Savings Video.

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Our fundraising products help you quickly raise the money you need. We work with schools, churches, community groups, sports teams, charities and non-profit organizations.

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The TOP 10 Benefits of Entertainment® for Nonprofit and School Fundraising Programs

  1. A trusted company offering fundraising products with over 50 years of success that gives back to your community, supporters and group.
  2. No upfront cost or out of pocket expense and shipping is free. You pay us after you’ve been paid!
  3. Our NEW Mobile App provides access to all of our 112 local editions. It’s like having ALL Entertainment® editions on your phone!
  4. Raisy™, the new website powered by Entertainment®, allows sellers to create their very own fundraising pages! Supporters order online with just a few clicks (with FREE shipping directly to their home) while your group gets credit.
  5. The more you sell, the more you earn!
  6.  Access to fundraising ideas to maximize your group’s fundraising success and exceed your group’s fundraising goal.
  7. Your group members can accept credit card payments from supporters.
  8. Your supporters easily get back their purchase price with just a few uses.
  9. Something for everyone with thousands of dollars in savings on fine and casual dining, local attractions, travel, shopping and much more!
  10. An easy fundraiser that’s a WIN-WIN-WIN for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and non profit organizations.
    WIN Your group receives the funds it needs.
    WIN Local store owners grow their businesses.
    WIN Your supporters save money.

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“I’ve never seen a better book! The kids can’t keep them in their hands because they’re selling so good!”K. Landas, Kempsville High School, Fine Arts Department Chair (September 2014)

Easy Fundraising Ideas All Year Long

Entertainment® Coupon Book

Entertainment® Coupon Book


The Entertainment® Book fundraiser is the most popular coupon book fundraiser! It’s packed with exclusive savings of up to 50% on everything you love to do. It features the best of your local city, PLUS a mobile app that lets you show your phone to save nationwide for ALL 115 editions!

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Classic Recipes™ Cookie Dough

Classic Recipes™ Cookie Dough

Our Cookie Dough fundraiser is a quick, easy and tasty school fundraising idea! Our program is so simple! Elementary schools typically raise several thousands of dollars with the Classic Recipes Cookie Dough fundraiser, and participation is easy for busy middle school and high school students. Best of all, your school earns 40% profit, and there’s no upfront cost.

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Digital Savings Membership®

Digital Savings Membership

Our NEWEST fundraising product, the Digital Savings Membership® is available any time of the year. This digital coupon fundraiser lets people save how and when they want with mobile and online coupons.

Your supporters receive a 1-Year Savings membership for just $20 and you earn up to 40% profit. Check for availability in your city.

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